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Our Story

Hello and thank you for checking out Pawsitive Creations, LLC. I initially created my business as a way to combine my love of animals and need for an income source while staying home with my sons during the "shut down" of in person schooling. Unfortunately, I quickly learned how difficult it was to try to start a business while helping my children with school work. The boys are back in school and my attention can start to focus more on business. Excited cannot adequately describe my emotions as I'm jumping in with both feet on this new adventure for my family and I. While finally getting my website completed, I am also taking classes to become a professional dog trainer! My sincere hope with Pawsitive Creations is to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need by donating a portion of each and every purchase to animal rescues and humane associations. Another hope is that I will be able to use any profits to start a training/boarding facility when my schooling is completed. My intentions with a facility are to assist victims of domestic violence by boarding their dogs/cats (for no charge) during emergency situations. 

I make and sell handmade crafts for a cause, from dog toys and cat toys, to coffee mugs and tote bags. The items listed on my website are made and ready to be shipped. Be sure to visit our site frequently as new items will be added on a regular basis. If you see an item, but are looking for a different color, size, etc., just pop me an email at and I can custom create a product for you! Again, thank you for taking the time to read my story and consider my products! Please like my page and follow us on Facebook. As always, stay PAWSITIVE!!!

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